About us

Our Vision:

Supporting small food projects for Saudi youth that provide a main or secondary income for them, which contributes significantly to raising their standard of living on their own.

agent A certified Form Company Rocket Man American:

While everyone is heading to Asia for cheaper products, we have gone to the USA for exceptional quality in the products we import into the Kingdom and the Gulf markets.

Since its inception, product quality has been the most prominent approach adopted by the Board of Directors of the Food Lighthouse Foundation. We have made sure to keep away from the adoption of products made from cheap raw materials that can lead to serious and serious diseases.


Who WE Are?


Food Lighthouse was established in the heart of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. In order to bring smart solutions that contribute to the delivery of food efficiently, the Foundation turned to the agency Rocket Man Foundation of America, which is characterized by high efficiency products and excellent industry that is different from those manufactured in other countries.
Food Lighthouse tries to create jobs for Saudi youth and to fulfill its duties to society. By investing the idea of providing drinks and snacks to communities in different areas such as sports and stadiums, parks and public parks, Hajj and Umrah and all other human gatherings.

Al Manarat AlFood also provides innovative technical and marketing solutions for the real benefit of the youth segment.

Our mission:

Bring the best tools and equipment capable of keeping liquids and keeping them hot or cold as well as modern food containers easy to carry.

Our Goals:

  • To become the leading institution in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Gulf in the field of providing techniques for the provision of food in various national and social events and sports events.
  • Marketing our products in terms of product and ideas in the Arab Gulf countries to cover upcoming events such as the Olympic Games and the World Cup in Qatar, and the World Expo in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai.
  • Developing, modernizing and expanding the product base we market in the Kingdom and GCC markets.
  • Achieving qualitative and quantitative spread while maintaining the efficiency and quality that characterize our career.